Why you should get Sons of Anarchy box set

If you are a movie enthusiast and you love movies that fall into the genre of crime and drama, Son of Anarchy is one of the best of them all. Otherwise known as SAMCRO (Son of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original), the movie shows an outlaw motorcycle club as they struggle to maintain a quiet hometown and battle rival gangs. With the motorcycle club divided into various chapters called chatters, they all answer to the directives of the main chatter called Redwood Original.

The television seriesplaces its focus on Jackson Teller also called “Jax”a character played by Charlie Hunnam. In the beginning of the series, he is the vice president of the club, as he begins questioning way the club is run and himself. Falling into constant dispute with the president of the club, the story unfolds as each season shows parallel plot line that mix up centering on SAMCRO.
The motorcycle club is involved in illegal activities; running gun trades within western US in addition to dealing with opposing gangs, politicians and the authorities. Fascinating as it is, the show keeps you glued to your Television screen looking forward to the next episode and understanding the life of a motor cycle club member. The show gives you a realistic feeling as you see that any character could be killed at any time and each death becomes feeling that is more meaningful.

As you watch the show, you start supporting characters who you would normally shun. They are not really good guys but their love for their families drive them to the edge, doing whatever they can to keep them safe. This show has a singular effect on its viewers. Sons of Anarchy seasons can be gotten for $89.99 online, which is the complete season one to seven. Get it now and get sucked into the show.